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Ruby Pipeline

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Dear Children of Mother Earth,

This notice is of utmost importance. Please share with all.

Ruby Pipeline LLC is building a natural gas pipeline from Wyoming across Nevada to supply California, Oregon, and Washington.

According to Dean Barlese, who is leading the request for reconsideration of the Route, there are three routes that Ruby Pipeline LLC could take across Nevada and Indian lands but they have chosen the most expensive and damaging route. Ruby Pipeline LLC  plan to dynamite through 63 miles of mountains while they have an alternative route  which is flat and open. Building and  maintenance of the pipeline will cost more, allowing the Company to increase  fees  to customers which means larger profits and benefits for the company and for all those implicated in business.  This route is about MONEY.

At the present time, Ruby Pipeline LLC is taking a 300 ft easement for ONE pipe when common sense says it will take as many as 5 lines to carry the amount needed for these western states. This "easement" is another "legal" way to steal Indian lands. Supposedly, they were to talk to the Native Americans BEFORE these decisions were made. The tribes were suppose to be considered and part of the process of decisions, but the Summit Lake and McDermott Paiutes did not know anything about it until the pipeline had the route planned and okayed by EPA. Now government officials are trying to backtrack to get this done, but they are NOT LISTENING to what they are being told by the Paiute people and are simply patronizing the process.  The officials are going through the steps but NOT listening to the Paiute People.

This destructive form of construction, blasting away 63 miles of Mothers mountains,  will cause environmental damage in the ground, and in the water, to animals and bird life, and to entire eco systems. The shaking of the earth will dislodge, crack and fracture underground water lines, and cause shifts deep in the earth. It will destroy the natural energy lines of the earth, also known as magnetic ley lines,  and therefore destroying the continuity flow of Life Force in the area. The vibrations will shake the earth to her inner core, which means probable damage to the tectonic plates increasing the possibility of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. From the stand point of the Native American belief of the Interconnectedness of All Life, we all will experience the effects of these changes.

From an Earth Healerís viewpoint, Mother Earth is struggling now. She has been for some time as her waters are no longer pure at the source as it leaves her body, in many areas heat and drought, and melting ice caps, are symptoms of her fever, and now the oil that pours into her waters in the Gulf of Mexico. There is the disappearance of her creatures all over the planet but most devastating may be the 80% loss of the Bees without which, pollination and the perpetuation of plant life and those who depend on those plants for sustenance will not continue.  She is finally pleading "No More". This is the message that we are hearing from the Mother Earth.

Futuristic maps provided by inspiration and by the ETs shows this entire area where they want to build this pipeline, under water in the near future. This is a distinct possibility, if this explosive agenda  to blast through 63 miles of mountains and shake Mother all the way to the tectonic plates is carried out.

The Paiute are asking for reconsideration of the route chosen as it takes the pipeline through sacred ground and in near proximity of a sacred prayer rock.  This ground was the site of a massacre by the Calvary and every man, woman and child was murdered as they tried to escape. This happened time and time again in this area, as a Captain Wells came up from California with the personal belief and agenda that the only good Indian was a dead one. So there is no formal burial ground as no one was left alive to bury the people and their bodies were left to the elements and wild animals. Let me tell you, it is "something " to stand on ground that is seeped with human blood. The more psychic one is, the more terrifying and uncomfortable it is as all those dark emotions still in the earth mindís timeline surround you and invade you.

Now Ruby Pipeline LLC intends to run their commercial greed across the dust of the dead. Once again, the American Indian concerns are being ignored. Once again this government and its corporations continue the policies of the past genocides, and earth destruction.

It is for this purpose that I am contacting you, and asking you to send this message out to all to ask for participation in contacting Ruby Pipeline LLC and Governmental Agencies about choosing a kinder route for this pipeline.

The Paiute realize that the pipeline will go through, but they believe there is a better route that causes less harm to the Earth Mother and to the People.

Please send emails, letters, or phone calls to the people on the list below.

Let them know that you support the Paiute Earth Guardians to have an alternative less destructive route selected.


  1. Ruby Pipeline > Project SummaryProject Summary . To address our nationís growing demand for natural gas and associated transportation infrastructure, Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C. (Ruby) filed an ... - Cached

    Press Releases. Ruby Pipeline Receives FERC Approval to Begin Construction 08/02/10; El Paso Corporation Receives Conditional BLM Right-of-Way Grant for Ruby Pipeline - Cached