Mother Earth is calling for all cultures to come together
in Sacred Ceremonies NOW to restore balance and harmony.

Earth Mother Crying

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Crystal Mountain Synchronization Ceremony 2010

Crystal Mountain Synchronization Ceremony

Crystal Mountain Ceremony Leaders: 

Burgdorf, McCall

Dawn Hancock



Marcine Quenzer





Grandmother and Grandfather Mountain
Grandmother and Grandfather Mountain:
Clarkia, Idaho







Cleveland Mountain
Cleveland Mountain Ceremony Leader:
Florence, Montana

Jerry McCarthy



May 2 Missoula with Jerry McCarthy and his group



Borah Mountain

Mount Borah Ceremony Leader: 

Between Mackay and Challis


Alana Marmel    

1-208- 949-7647


House Mountain








Cottonwood Mountain

Cottonwood Mountain Ceremony Leader:


Curt Bunch




Clearwater Lookout
Walla Walla National Forest

High Plateau Ceremony:

Pomeroy, Washington

David Scott